wordpress intro tutorials

Wordpress is a free, open-source content management system for blogging and website creation.

To use and apply these tutorials, you'll need the login credentials to your Wordpress website. Generally that is the public address of your site, followed by the directory name "/wp-admin" (without quotation marks.) This should direct you to the login page for your site. Then use the username and password for your account. Depending on the "rights" assigned to your account, you'll have different authoring and configuration abilities within the Wordpress administrative area. If you don't have a Wordpress account but would like to try one out for free, setup an account on Wordpress.com. If you're an educator, I recommend you setup a free Wordpress account with EduBlogs because of their great support and the very active educational bloggging community (with students as well as teachers) already there. Let's get started with a few basic Wordpress user tutorials. Click the direct link for each one if you'd like to view a larger version.

1. Start off with an overview / introduction to the Wordpress dashboard.

3. You won't always finish a post at one sitting, so next learn how to write draft posts which you can return to at a later date with Wordpress.

4. Organization of Wordpress sites is accomplished mainly through the use of different categories for posts as well as "tags." Learn how to add categories and tags to your Wordpress posts.

Many of the screencast tutorials on Wordpress.tv apply to Wordpress developers, rather than users, so don't be overwhelmed by the options. As a new user, I recommend starting with the tutorials available in the Writing with Wordpress category after you view and practice with the five tutorials I've highlighted in this post.

In addition to these tutorials also utilize the free "how to" articles on the Wordpress Codex.

Good luck with your Wordpress writing and publishing! Blog on!