10 February 2010: Interactive Smart Boards and Catch Up Week

Based on course feedback from last week, week 5 is a "catch up week" and no new assignments will be given.

1- Overview

Today in the first hour, Michael Mount of the UCO Office of Information Technology will present an introductory workshop on using the SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard. During the second hour, Michael will provide opportunities for hands-on practice with the SmartBoard, and time will be provided to catch up on assignments from weeks 1-4.

2- Lesson

An introduction to using the SMART interactive white board.

3- Assignments

No new assignments this week.

OPTIONAL: View my METC 2010 opening keynote: "Storychasing Literacy" on SlideShare, as a SlideCast (Shared videos and links are available in the Google Presentation version)

4- Resources

  1. SMART Classroom's YouTube Channel

5- Review

    1. All student checkpoint 1 quizzes have NOT yet been graded. By next week (week 6) all should be graded.

    2. Please use the bulleted points under "Review" for past weeks to confirm you are caught up on assignments.

    3. Good classmate examples of "Tell A Story in 5 Frames"

    4. Storm Story by Sarah

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