Administrative Walkthrough Rubric

To be scalable, administrative evaluation expectations for teachers must change. The Powerful Ingredients administrative walkthrough rubric is based on the following FOUR key learning design elements. Each of these uses ONLY THREE WORDS, and are integrated into the Google Form linked below. These phrases should become SHARED VOCABULARY between school administrators and teachers, and integrated into the formal teacher evaluation process.

    1. Active lesson design

      1. Engaged not enthralled

      2. Invite creative choices

      3. Learners not students

    2. Communicate with media

      1. Talk with pictures

      2. Use friendly images

      3. Magic of voice

    1. Collaborate with others

      1. Ask for feedback

      2. Tap outside expertise

      3. Comment with purpose

    1. Share your work (products)

      1. Student created work

      2. Digital portfolio artifacts

      3. Tag to organize