3 Hour Workshop

This is the outline for a three hour, hands-on workshop based on the Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning framework. Archived versions are linked as subpages below.


        1. Talk with pictures

        2. Use friendly images

        3. Magic of voice

      1. Collaborate With Others

        1. Ask for feedback

        2. Tap outside expertise

        3. Comment with purpose

      1. Share Your Work (products)

        1. Student created work

        2. Digital portfolio artifacts

        3. Tag to organize

  1. Social bookmarking activity (Introduce yourself with bookmarks)

  2. Talk with Pictures

    1. Tell A Story with 5 Photos for Educators (Flickr Group)

    2. Use friendly images

      1. The Commons and Creative Commons on Flickr

      2. Compfight

    3. Feeds, Blogs, Forms and FAQs

  1. Screencasting

      1. WikiPedia

      2. Definition

      3. Software comparisons

      4. Web-based screencasting

      5. Screenr

      6. Showmewhatswrong

Workshop Pre-Requisites

Workshop participants should register and create the following accounts PRIOR TO the start of this workshop.

  1. An Educator's VoiceThread account (Screencast available on Screenr and YouTube)

  2. A Yahoo Account (provides access to both Flickr and delicious)

  3. A Google Account (can be a Gmail account OR a Google Account using an existing email address)

Recommended Follow-up Activities

  1. Follow us on Twitter: Wes (wfryer) and Karen (klmontgomery)

Attend the June 21-22 Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning 2 Day workshop in Oklahoma City!

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