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Assignments for each week are listed and linked here. A Google Calendar showing assignment deadlines is available.

Class 1a - 30 Aug: Digital Footprints Reflection

Class 1b - 1 Sept:

Class 5a - 27 Sept

  1. Blog Buddy

  2. VoiceThread Part 1

Class 5b - 29 Sept

  1. VoiceThread Part 2

  2. Make an Avatar

Class 6a - 4 Oct

  1. Quiz questions:

    1. Digital Footprints Reflection

    2. Peek for a Week Reflection

    3. EduTopia Digital Generation Youth Portrait Reflection

    4. Dr. Knezek Learning Theories reflection

    5. We Like Our Blogging Buddies Reflection

      1. VoiceThread (Great Book Stories example) Reflection

Class 6b - 6 Oct

    1. Exam 1 questions:

      1. Match different web browsers with the company or organization which offers them.

      2. Identify ways to create a "secure" password.

      3. In at least three sentences, explain "Creative Commons" and what it means for your students in terms of creativity, copyright compliance, and web-based media publishing.

      4. What are the elements of the Pecha Kucha presentation model?

      5. What is a digital footprint and why is it important to manage it?

      6. How can you manage your digital footprint?

      7. Name at least two ways Rachel Boyd integrated technology in her classroom effectively, and explain why those methods are "effective."

      8. Describe at least three benefits of a "blogging buddies" project like the one Kathy Cassidy did with her students.

      9. Briefly describe explain one of the learning theories addressed in chapter 2 of our textbook and explained by Dr. Knezek.

      10. In at least three sentences, describe how a VoiceThread-based book report can be different and better than a traditional, paper-based book report.

Class 8a - 18 Oct: Google Map

Class 9a - 25 Oct: Flip Camera Scavenger Hunt (brainstorming)

Class 9b - 27 Oct: Flip Camera Scavenger Hunt (activity)

Class 10a - 1 Nov: Flip Camera Scavenger Hunt blog reflection (see phase #4)

Class 10b - 3 Nov: Moodle Quiz and Scratch 1 (take by midnight, Sunday Nov 7th)

Blog Reflections CheckPoint Quiz #2 (Quiz will ask you for one of these posts)

Scratch Assignment #1

Exam 2 (an at-home exam you'll complete on your own during regular class time on Nov 15th) will consist of 10 multiple choice questions. The questions will address the following topics:

Class 13a - 22 Nov: Scratch Assignment, Screencasting Assignment

Class 14a: Post to your blog using the Video Reflection Rubric after viewing "Project Based Learning in Hand

Class 14b: Post to your blog using the Video Reflection Rubric after viewing "The Life Practice Model"

Class 15a: Blog Reflections CheckPoint Quiz #3 (Quiz will ask you for TWO of these posts)

Class 15b: Create your "Professional Wiki" including all elements listed in the Portfolio Assignment page.

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