Creative Commons and Copyright

What is "Creative Commons" and what does it mean for your students in terms of creativity, copyright compliance, and web-based media publishing? These resources can help.

Resources compiled by Wesley Fryer in October 2010 for students enrolled in "Computers in the Classroom" at the University of North Texas.

Learn about Creative Commons in 180 Seconds

"What is Creative Commons? Wanna Work Together RG Remix." - 90 second video created for a Creative Commons contest.

About Creative Commons (official website)

Advice for learners using media (images / audio / video)

    1. H: Homegrown or Public Domain

    2. C: Creative Commons licensed media

    3. F: Fair Use

3 min, 42 second video from the Media Education Lab at Temple University.

Get Creative! (Creative Commons)

6 min, 36 second video by Creative Commons

A Fair(y) use Tale - What is Fair Use? (see Chapter 4, starting at 6:00)