delicious Introduction

    1. Go to

    2. Sign In using password provided.

    3. Open a second browser window. You will toggle between delicious and the web pages you wish to bookmark.

    4. Add two websites: one that describes you personally and one that describes you professionally to the "powerful ingredients" delicious account by using the following method:

      1. Locate the web page to be bookmarked.

      2. Copy the URL (web address).

      3. Minimize the browser window (tab) and go back to the browser window (tab) open to delicious.

      4. Select Save a new bookmark. This will bring up a page with a field for you to enter a URL.

      5. Paste the URL of the web page you wish to save, i.e.,

      6. Click Next. In most cases, the Title field will be completed automatically. If not, you will need to type a Title for the Bookmark. delicious requires all Bookmarks have a URL and a Title.

      7. At this point, you may also add Notes and Tags to your new Bookmark. Remember Tags will assist you when searching for Bookmarks in the future. At the bottom of the page, you may see a list of Popular Tags used by other delicious users who have also bookmarked this web page. You may choose any or all of the Popular Tags, create your own or a combination of the two.

        1. At a minimum, be sure to use the tags "personal," "professional," "metc," "pi4bl".

        2. In the Notes, fill in your first name.

      8. When you select Save you will now see the Bookmark displayed as your first Bookmark or at the top of your list.

      9. Repeat the process for you second web page.