Portfolio Assignment

To earn full credit (100 points or 10% of your grade) on your professional portfolio assignment, do the following:

    1. Site: Using links and instructions provided on our Classroom Wikis and Professional Portfolios page, create your own wiki website.

    2. Image: Add at least one image to your wiki homepage.

    3. Link: Add at least one link to your wiki homepage, to a website NOT created by your instructor or classmates. (not on our class blog, for example)

    4. Subpage: Create at least one "subpage" linked to your homepage on your wiki.

    5. Video: Embed at least one video on your wiki.

    6. CiC Project Links: Link to the following posts on YOUR blog for this class, either on your homepage or on a subpage

      1. VoiceThread project

      2. Scratch Project

      3. GeoMap (Google Maps) Project

      4. Screencast Project

      5. Your favorite reflection you wrote about a K-12 Online Conference presentation

    7. Submit the link to your professional wiki site on our Moodle in the "Professional Wiki Quiz."

Remember you do NOT have to use your name on your wiki, but it's a good idea to begin building your professional, online "digital footprint" now.

This is assignment is DUE (must be turned in via Moodle) no later than Friday, Dec 17, 2010.