3 March 2010: GeoApps

1- Overview

GeoApps are applications which permit learners to connect concepts to geography. Google Maps is a browser-based Geo-application environment, and Google Earth is a software-based GeoApp. We'll explore both and learn how to use resources created by others as well as make our own.

2- Lesson

    1. Opening Video: "The State of the Internet" by Jesse Thomas (reference this post) - Feb 2010

    2. Review

      1. All "Quarterly Checkup Quiz 1" submissions graded, along with all "MiniProject 1 (VoiceThread) submissions! If you have questions or find an error, please talk with Wes in class or send a WebCT message!

      2. Not all weekly scribe / summary blog posts graded. If you're not "in" our scribes blog, please send Wesley a WebCT message!

      3. New Quizes available in WebCT:

        1. Quarterly Checkup Quiz 2 (for weeks 3, 4 and 6)

        2. MiniProject 2 (either Google Site or Google Map assignment) - Rubrics are coming!

    3. T4T Posts and VoiceThreads to share

Google Presentation
  1. Activity: Collaborative "Favorite Places" Map

      1. Add a place marker identifying your favorite place.

      2. Add content to the place marker using the rich text editing tools.

      3. Advanced: Add an image or other media to the place marker using the HTML editor.

        1. Explore some of your colleagues favorite places...

  1. Sketchup & The 3D Warehouse

Google Presentation

3- Assignments

OPTIONAL: Sign up online to attend the Monday, March 8th Heartland eLearning keynote address FREE (for UCO students)

    1. Create an original Google Map on a topic of your choice which:

      1. Includes at least 10 placemarks

      2. Includes some text, hyperlinks, and images on the placemarks

      3. At least 3 of the hyperlinks should go to a relevant WikiPedia page.

4- Resources

5- Review

What is the link to your blog reflection from week 8, on Watch Sam's EduTopia Digital Youth Portrait?

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