Blog Buddy

We are going to serve as "blog buddies" for each other in our class this semester for several reasons:

    1. We need to discuss, experience and practice "constructive feedback" on social media sites like blogs.

    2. We often write better and learn more when we have an audience.

    3. Blogging buddies / mentors is an instructional model you can use / replicate in your own classroom with students.

Please use this Google Spreadsheet to sign up for a blog buddy in our class. You can EITHER:

    1. Talk to some who agrees to be your blog buddy, and sign up together

    2. Put your name on the spreadsheet with the text, BUDDY NEEDED, so someone else can sign up with you

    3. Sign up on a line already created by someone else, who has written BUDDY NEEDED. (replace BUDDY NEEDED with your own name)

Here is a current version of our spreadsheet sign-ups:

Blog Buddies - CiC Fall 2010 UNT