VoiceThread is a web-based digital storytelling environment. VoiceThread is 1 option discussed in the wiki, Explore Talk with Media.

VoiceThread Assignment Part 1

VoiceThread can be used in MANY different ways as an assignment task or assessment. The VoiceThread 4 Education wiki includes numerous examples of student projects using VoiceThread in different grade levels and different content areas.

VoiceThread Assignment Part 2

    1. Upload the Avatar you created for our Avatar Assignment to use as your avatar / icon in VoiceThread.

    2. Create your own, original VoiceThread digital story, using AT LEAST five photos about a topic of your choice.

      1. If you are struggling for a topic, share a brief book report in the format of the Great Book Stories project.

      2. You will need to obtain or borrow a microphone to record audio on EACH of your photos.

      3. Add a title, description, and tags to your VoiceThread.

      4. Insert the LINK to your image source (if you found it online) on each individual photo.

      5. Change the publishing settings so the VoiceThread is PUBLIC and comments are MODERATED.

    3. Write a new post on your class blog about your VoiceThread.

      1. Share a few sentences about why you chose your topic.

      2. Share a few sentences about what you learned about using VoiceThread, what was difficult, what was easy, etc.

      3. Link to your VoiceThread digital story.

      4. Embed your VoiceThread digital story on your post.

    1. Leave at least ONE audio comment on the VoiceThread of your class blogging buddy.

    2. Optional: Record webcam video on at least one of your images.

This assignment is due NLT (no later than) Sunday, October 17, 2010.