Digital Magic Tricks

    • To become digital learning leaders, educators need opportunities to be STUDENTS in digitally blended classrooms. Our two(+) part "Digital Magic Tricks" workshop series provides that opportunity. To meet ISTE NETS, learners in your school must: Communicate with media

    • Collaborate with others

    • Share their work

    • Design active lessons


Big digital concepts participants will experience:

    1. Working in the cloud

    2. Safely publishing online

    3. Organizing with tags

    4. Talking with pictures

    5. Power of voice

    6. Interactive, moderated discussions

    7. Building a personal learning network

Digital Magic Tricks is a two day(+) learning experience based on the Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning Framework by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery. To schedule a workshop or obtain more information, please contact Karen.WHY EDUCATORS SHOULD ATTEND:

Participants will experience "quick victories for blended learning" using:

    1. Social bookmarks

    2. Copyright friendly images

    3. Digital storytelling

    4. Collaborative document writing

    5. Online polls

    6. Screencasting

    7. Phonecasting

    8. Geo-mapping text and media

    9. Synchronous conferencing

Educators should attend who:

    • Are learning leaders

    • Are willing to take instructional risks

    • Like digital magic!

    • Are willing to be a "digital bridge"

A follow-up videoconference with participants will be scheduled approximately two months following completion of the face-to-face workshop, at the same location. In addition to original participants, at least two administrators from participating districts are required to attend. In the interactive videoconference, participants will share their experiences and learning take-aways using powerful ingredients for blended learning with students. An agenda for presenters will be coordinated in advance.


THE DETAILS:Select six learning leaders from your school district (ideally two elementary, two middle, and two high school teachers or librarians) to attend a TWO DAY, face-to-face workshop focusing on QUICK VICTORIES for blended learning.* Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on, digital learning activities and see actual examples of classroom lessons using these digital magic tricks.

The afternoon of day 2, at least two district administrators (principal, superintendent, IT Director/CIO, Curriculum director, school board member) will attend to engage in a conversation about blended learning and digital access at school. This will highlight the importance of engaging, collaborating, learning, and sharing in digital environments for students and teachers. It will empower district leaders to develop local "social media guidelines" in conjunction with parents, teachers, students, and the community following the face-to-face workshop.

In the two months which follow the workshop, participants will use at least one "powerful ingredient" with students. They will share these experiences on the Powerful Ingredients Learning Community.

To schedule a workshop or obtain more information, please contact Karen.

* The term "quick victories" in the context of educational technology workshops was coined by Marco Torres. (As far as we know!)

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