A variety of presentations and workshops, both face-to-face and online, are available focusing on the "Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning" (PI4BL) framework. To schedule a workshop for your school (either face-to-face or via videoconference) please contact Karen Montgomery. All workshops are hands-on, BYOL! (Bring Your Own Laptop)Social Media Guidelines for Schools: A Call to Action

Digital Magic Tricks: A Two Day(+) Learning Experience based on the Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning Framework


  1. PI Levels of Technology Use

  2. PI Administrative Walkthrough Rubric

  3. Workshop Website Whitelist

PI4BL Mini-Lessons

  1. Use Friendly Media

    1. Intro to Social Bookmarking (Delicious)

    2. Getting Started Using Wordpress (5 screencast tutorials)

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by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery. CC licensed image by Marco Torres.