GeoApps are applications which permit learners to connect concepts to geography. Google Maps is a browser-based Geo-application environment, and Google Earth is a software-based GeoApp. We'll explore both and learn how to use resources created by others as well as make our own.

Background Info

Activity: Collaborative "Favorite Places" Map

  1. Using your Google Account join as a collaborator on our "Places we want to visit" Google Map.

    1. Other Examples: "T4T Favorite Places" map. - Section 62 - Section 63 (view a GWE class' map and another!)

  2. Add a place marker identifying your favorite place.

  3. Add content to the place marker using the rich text editing tools.

  4. Advanced: Add an image or other media to the place marker using the HTML editor.

    1. Explore some of your colleagues favorite places.

Good tutorials about using Google Maps to create a custom Google Map is available from Google Maps Help. This 3.5 minute video explains the basics: