24 February 2010: Learning Portals (interactive website creation: Google Sites, Wikis)


1- Overview

To facilitate blended learning experiences for students, it is essential for teacher-leaders to create hyperlinked, media-rich online spaces. These learning portals can serve as digital extensions of the classroom, spaces for student collaboration, lockers for research discoveries and media, as well as online portfolios demonstrating knowledge and skills.

2- Lesson

    1. Announcements and Review:

      1. Not all quizzes / assignments to date have been graded. Check your WebCT grades and let your instructor know if you have questions.

      2. Search Techniques

        1. Anyone try anything new?

      3. Google Advanced Search

        1. Questions?

        1. Noteable tools mentioned

Google Presentation

3- Assignments

OPTIONAL: Sign up online to attend the Monday, March 8th Heartland eLearning keynote address FREE (for UCO students)

OPTIONAL: Explore and use this great list of Avatar creation websites from Joyce Valenza and make your own! (This avatar can be used on VoiceThread and other sites)

      1. A homepage including at least one copyright friendly image, and the link to the image source. (Remember you can use Compfight and Flickrstorm)

      2. The outline for your Integrated Unit Plan (on a separate page)

      3. A videos page, including at least three different YouTube videos with educational value. (Remember you can use our T4T Diigo Group links.) Include at least 2-3 sentences for each video, explaining the educational value / purpose for using each video. This page includes some possibilities. Include the TITLE of each video, the LINK to each video, and EMBED each video also. (Use the INSERT menu in Google sites to add images and videos.)

      4. This is one of your course "mini-projects." Plan to spend 60 minutes on this assignment this week, and continue to work on it in week 8. (Don't spend HOURS AND HOURS working on it now!)

      5. You have THREE WEEKS to complete this assignment. It will be due March 10th.

    1. Classmate Blog Feedback

    1. WebCT Quiz: Quarterly Checkup Quiz 2 (take this quiz in the ASSESSMENTS area of WebCT after you have completed assignments for week 4, 6, and 7.

4- Resources

5- Review

What is the link to your blog reflection from week 7, on Paula White's 2009 K-12 Online Conference presentation, "Parallel Play or Collaboration--Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work?"

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