use friendly images

What is "friendly media?"

Whenever we create media projects using images, audio/music, or other file types, it is VERY important we "use friendly media." Friendly media are files for which permission has ALREADY been granted to re-use and re-mix them in our own projects, either because:

In the United States, both FAIR USE guidelines and the TEACH Act provide educators and students with guidelines under which copyrighted works can be used to support learning. Those specific contexts can be complicated, however, so if we can AVOID these discussions altogether by using public domain / homegrown media and Creative Commons licensed media, we should!

Where can I find public domain images / media?

    1. WikiPedia: Many of the images included in WikiPedia are licensed in the public domain. Click on an individual image / picture on WikiPedia to view its specific usage license.

  1. WikiMedia Commons Images

  2. US Government Photos and Images

  3. Burningwell

Where can I find Creative Commons images / media?