Digital Footprints

While this course requires the creation and use of a variety of publicly available and accessible websites / web resources, students are NOT required to create accounts on these websites using his/her actual name. Aliases and screennames can be used, if desired, to create these accounts. By using an alias or screename unrelated to their actual name, students can maintain public anonymity on the websites and in the web content created to fulfill course requirements.

Before selecting, creating and using online accounts for this course, students are encouraged to consider the benefits of establishing and maintaining a professional digital footprint. By using a consistent username across multiple websites and web services, and consistently publishing high-quality, professional content online, students can craft their online digital footprint in ways that can open future doors of employment and work.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to create a consistent, professional digital footprint through the completion of these course requirements. For more thoughts along these lines, see:


  1. Reputation Management and Digital Footprints

    1. The YouTube video, "Digital Footprints – Digital Dossier"