This wiki complements the upcoming book "Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning" by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery. Content from the book and on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License. Direct questions about these resources to Wesley or Karen.

Workshops and Resources

  1. Social Media Guidelines for Schools

  2. Technology Leadership: PLNs, Vision & PD

    1. Digital Magic Tricks: A Two Day Learning Experience based on the Powerful Ingredients 4 Blended Learning Framework (hands on)

    2. 3 Hour Workshop (hands on)

    3. 6 Hour Workshop (hands on)

  3. PI Levels of Technology Use

  4. PI Administrative Walkthrough Rubric

University Pre-Service Teacher Curricula:

Book Chapter Drafts


Redefining the Beginner

Ingredient 1: Social Bookmarking

Ingredient 2: Publishing Platforms

Ingredient 3: Collaborative Writing

Ingredient 4: Synchronous Conferencing

Ingredient 5: Media Sharing

Ingredient 6: Digital Storytelling

Ingredient 7: Screencasting & Podcasting

Ingredient 8: Digital Newspapers

Ingredient 9: Geo Applications

Ingredient 10: Professional Networking

Ingredient 11: Mobile Applications

We hope to publish this book on Flat World Knowledge in September 2010.

Older chapter drafts:

  1. Blogging

    1. Collaborative Document Writing *

    2. Synchronous Conferencing *

    3. Online Photo Sharing *

    4. Minimal Click Digital Storytelling *

    5. Screencasting and Podcasting *

  2. Feed Readers and Information Portals

  1. Mobile Ingredients

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