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24 March 2010: Screencasting

1- Overview

The ability to effectively create and share a screencast is one of the most important skills of teachers in the 21st century. Teacher-leaders will learn what screencasts are, see examples of educational screencasts, and create their own.

2- Lesson

  1. Intro Videos
    1. Live from San Diego / the Pacific Ocean via Ustream Broadcaster

    2. Gotta Keep Reading (reference post)

    3. Did You Know 4.0
    4. Our digital world is now filled with how-to videos and requests for help: help with bow drill set

  2. Review Google Map and Google Site mini-project assignments.
  3. Other Q&A.
  4. Next two weeks: Dr Owens (Integrated Unit Plan) and SMARTboard Training 2. (no Wes)
  5. Screencasting
    1. Read the definition of Screencast in the English Wikipedia
    2. Screencast about using Screen Flow

    3. Sample Screencast created in our computer lab with Screenr, IE, a mic and headphones on WinXP: Moderating VoiceThread Comments (cross-posted to Screenr and YouTube)
    4. A Screencast about making screencasts with Screenr!

    5. Be aware SMARTboard software (and other interactive whiteboard software) permit screen recording / screencasting as well!

3- Assignments

  1. Use Screenr (login with your Twitter account) to create a screencast explaining how to do something online which someone else who has not taken our T4T class this term probably doesn't know how to do.
  2. Post your Screenr screencast, using both the direct link to the screencast as well as the video embed code, to your T4T blog.
  3. Watch the K12Online09 presentation, "Orientation in Second Life."
  4. Write and post a reflection about Sam's video on your T4T blog using our video reflection rubric. 

4- Resources

Free Screencasting / screenrecording tools
  1. Screenr (Screenr screencasts recorded by wfryer)
  2. Jing
Commercial Screencasting / screenrecording tools
  1. ScreenFlow (Mac)
  2. Camtasia (Win/Mac)

MultiMedia Presentation Publishing Options

5- Review

What is the link to one of the K-12 blog posts you commented on this semester?

Content licensed Creative Commons License by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery