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Topical Resources

Course Communication Tools

  1. Our class blog on 21classes: untcic.21classes.com
  2. Class lecturecasts (an audio podcast channel with recordings of our classes)
  3. Moodle for UNT Learning Technologies
  4. Our Textmarks Channel for SMS announcements, reminders, and updates (cell phone text messaging) - text UNTCIC to 41411
  5. Our Facebook Class Page
  6. Our class "Frequently Asked Questions" blog

Instructor Digital Footprint

  1. Bio
  2. My family
  3. Blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  4. Twitter: @wfryer
  5. Facebook
  6. Professional wiki (includes consulting / travel schedule): wiki.wesfryer.com
  7. Professional website: www.wesfryer.com
  8. YouTube
  9. Google Profile
  10. ClaimID
  11. Organizations about which I'm passionate:
    1. Storychasers
    2. K-12 Online Conference

Other Miscellaneous Tools and Websites

  1. Online Stopwatch
  2. PollEverywhere (SMS and web-based polls)

Other UNT and Similar EdTech Course Resources: