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Scratch Assignment #1 (3 November 2010)

  1. Join the Scratch community on scratch.mit.edu
  2. Use the Getting Started Guide (PDF) and LearninScratch.org "Scratch 1: Getting Started" lessons to create your first, original Scratch project. Save this project to your USB flash drive and bring it to class to share next week.
  3. Explore the featured projects on the Scratch website ad/or the sample programs which install on your computer with the Scratch program. Find one you want to share. Identify the Scratch project type. Post about it on our class blog, and link to the project on the Scratch website. Write several sentences about why you wanted to share and/or remember this project.
  4. Bring at least ONE new thing about Scratch you learned to class next week.

Scratch Assignment #2 (8 November 2010)

  1. Post to your class blog about:
    1. What you've learned how to do in Scratch so far. Make a bulleted list of things you know how to do.
    2. What questions you have about Scratch / What you WANT to learn how to do.
    3. Feel free to use our shared iEtherpad notes!
    4. Post this only NLT (no later than) midnight Tuesday, November 8th.
  2. Continue to explore and learn more about Scratch, using our Scratch Resources links.
  3. Create a NEW, second Scratch project which you will share in class on Wednesday, November 8th.

Scratch Assignment #3 (10 November 2010)

  1. Create a new project in Scratch! Use some new blocks that we learned about in class, using the Scratch Cards, the Scratch Reference Guide (PDF), the Scratch Wiki, or other links listed on our Scratch Resources page.
  2. Review our Scratch Assignment Details. (link coming soon!)