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Flip Camera Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday, October 27th in class, we are going to work with partners to complete a scavenger hunt using Flip video cameras. After shooting a short video with a partner, you will submit that video by emailing it to a Posterous website. That website will cross-post your video to a special YouTube account. You and your partner will then add your scavenger hunt question and video to a collaborative Google Map we've created.

Phase 1: Project Guidelines Brainstorming

We are going to brainstorm the questions / ideas / assignments for the scavenger hunt together. We need AT LEAST 12 different questions / ideas for scavenger hunt videos, which can be readily obtained here on the UNT campus relatively close to Matthews Hall.

  1. With a partner, view at least one of these videos about video scavenger hunts to get ideas.
  2. Share your brainstormed ideas on this shared Etherpad: ietherpad.com/scavengerhuntideas

Phase 2: Project and Contest Guidelines

Our project and contest guidelines are available as a shared Google document:

Flip Video Camera Scavenger Hunt ‎(UNT - Oct 2010)‎

Phase 3: Upload, Post and Turn In

Using our scavenger hunt guidelines:
  1. Upload your videos to PixelPipe.
  2. Embed your videos on your blog.
  3. Submit our contest entry form.

Phase 4: Reflect!

Let's brainstorm: http://ietherpad.com/videohunt

Write a new post on our class blog, including the following:
  1. At least two paragraphs with at least three sentences each, reflecting on at least TWO different "lessons learned" for you from this activity.
  2. A linked AND embedded YouTube video which you recorded and shared on our YouTube channel with your partner.
  3. Explain why that was one of your favorite videos from those you recorded.

Phase 5: Vote!

This is OPTIONAL! Please view the videos submitted by all the teams, and vote for your favorites by rating EACH video. Links and rating widgets are available on our class blog!

Phase 6: The Awards Ceremony!

Awards will be announced and given in class on Wednesday, November 3rd.